Jet Vac Services

Jet Vac units are capable of cleansing large diameter pipes and removing heavy silt from deep sewers. A combined jetting and suction tanker allows the operator to carry out the whole cleaning assignment in one work cycle.

Jet Vac's cover a wide range of applications for high performance drain cleaning and our Jet Vac engineers use a variety of techniques designed to:

  • Remove blockages of accumulated waste
  • Remove thick fat and grease
  • Remove solid objects lodged in pipework
  • Strip hardened deposits from pipe walls
  • Clean and flush industry pipework


Project Example - Settlement Tank Cleansing

  • Settlement Tank Cleansing 'before' work is undertakenSettlement Tank Cleansing 'before'
  • Settlement Tank Cleansing 'during'Settlement Tank Cleansing 'during'
  • Settlement Tank Cleansing 'Completed'Settlement Tank Cleansing 'Completed'


Drainage 2000 Ltd is registered to carry all types of contaminated and inert waste and as required by law we offer full traceability for all waste carried and dispose of only at registered sites.

Drainage 2000 Ltd has a variety of units for different applications and these range from:

  • Jetting pumps - 14 gallons per minute to 70 gallons per minute
  • Vacuum pumps - 345cfm to 4500cfm
  • Tank capacities - 800 gallons to 2500 gallons
  • Gas Detectors on all units
  • Escape Sets/Man Rescue Winch on all units


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